Quote of the Day- Illegal Immigration

It’s hard to get very far in a debate over immigration reform without prompting the claim “but they broke the law” — the implication being that, hey, it’s not the Mexicanness we object to, it’s the violation of our infallible, divinely inspired, uniformly just immigration law.

Kerry Howley, Reason Magazine

The quote is from blog post about how prisoners are being used in Colorado and Arizona to pick crops since the feds are clamping down on illegal immigrants.

Immigration hypocrisy is laid bare. Illegals aliens can’t pick crops because “they broke the law” but inmates are just fine.

This inmate labor policy must be Conservative Republican Nirvana. The War on Drugs and War on Mexican Labor provides workers to save the “family farm” just in case the billions in subsidies we already give farmers does not work. A synergy of all things wrong with the GOP.

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    This are LEGAL inmates, YES they can pick our crops. With no background checks of ILLEGALS, I wonder how many would be eligible to pick our crops? The ILLEGAL clown employers don’t know how many you killed, or how much cocaine you sold in your country of origin. That is why when a LEGAL American Citizen is harmed in any way by a ILLEGAL, working in this country, “SUE THE EMPLOYER”

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