It’s Only Legal If The Government Does It

An Arlington, Texas municipal employee is in trouble for allegedly requesting $400 to make tickets “go away“. Nereida Hermosillo was charged with misuse of official information, a 3rd degree felony.

When the Government takes your money to make tickets “go away” it is called deferred adjudication. When a private citizen does it, it is a felony.


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5 responses to “It’s Only Legal If The Government Does It”

  1. <img src="http://www.blogger.c says:

    You beat me to that idea on Deferred. I wish I had know about this woman 6 months ago. Damn Arlington Motorcycle cops.

  2. <img src="http://www.blogge says:

    $400 for two tickets. That’s less than paying the court. Either way it’s extortion.

  3. <img src="http://www.blogger.c says:

    Extortion? That’s strong. I prefer to think of it as an economically motivated business decision involving the allocation of scarce resources.

  4. <img src="http://www.blogge says:

    Municipalities rip off the citizens. Corporations rip off municipalities (can you say “new stadium”?). The federal government rips of the cities and states (unfunded mandates). The corporations rip off the federal government. Robert, I think you should be a communist, not a libertarian.

  5. S. Moore says:

    Yea, well she was a lazy employee and made me quit. She did a lot of things around there that were not appropriate. She was desperate and poor poor girl coming to work in her PJS & with hickeys all over her neck. Feel sorry for her. Her and her 2 best buddies did all kinds of “hot” stuff and got away with it. Supervisors were too busy stuffing their face & gossiping in their office to do anything about it too. Makes you think about the supervision since this is the 3rd time employees did something bad there.

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