Labor Day Guns Up

The Texas Tech Football season begins Monday at 4:00PM. Tech takes on the SMU Mustangs here in Dallas.

I live near Dallas, but I’m watching the game at home. If I know you, you are invited. Mark Bennett, Shawn Matlock, and Grits for Breakfast are also invited. RSVP via email.

For some reason Tech does really bad when I actually attend the game. The last Tech game I attended was last year against Colorado. I was in Boulder to witness a 30-6 nightmare loss to the then winless Buffaloes. I’ve also witnessed a 56-3 disaster against Nebraska, as well as two wins (SMU and Baylor respectively).

I only attended Tech for law school. However, my undergrad school (UT-Arlington) has no football team so I adopted Red Raiders athletics. GUNS UP!

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    BTW: Colorado sent you a card for season tickets this year. They want you at all of their games since you witnessed their only home win.Dennis

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    Nice to see you and I have something in common. Go Tech. Beat Texas.

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