Police Field Drug Tests= Garbage

Here is a shocking video from MPP. The field drug tests used by police around the country are wildly inaccurate leading to false arrests. I can’t say I was shocked by these results.

An open records request I filed last year found over 500 cases over a two year period in Dallas county in which a suspected was arrested for drug possession and lab tests proved the substance was not drugs. Undoubtedly, these cheap field tests were used in some of these cases.

Here is an idea. How about a presumption that a substance is not drugs until proven in a quality controlled run by real scientists (not cops) using real equipment? Or maybe a presumption that a suspect is innocent? Nah, those measures would “send the wrong message” to kids. Onward Prohibition!

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One response to “Police Field Drug Tests= Garbage”

  1. Alien says:

    Having heard about marijuana brownies, I wonder if someone who baked such illegal desserts could claim the quick test was positive just because of the chocolate in it? I don’t know if that would change any ultimate legal outcome since I imagine the regular tests are more accurate than the field tests….

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