Support HB 902- Fine Only Penalty For Marijuana Possession

Over 60,000 thousand Texans were arrested last year for marijuana possession. How should we punish our fellow Texans for the “crime” of pot possession?

Support House Bill 902-
Currently possession of any usable amount of marijuana is at least a class b misdemeanor (2 ounces or less), the same level of offense as DWI. 902 would make possession of less than one ounce of pot a class c misdemeanor, basically a traffic ticket. Even if you disagree with the legalization of marijuana, you should support 902.

Every prosecution is a choice (opportunity costs are real) of how to spend your tax dollars. 902 forces prosecutor and police to quit wasting time on college kids with weed and move on to more important cases.

The vast majority (I would estimate at least 90%) of all marijuana arrests and prosecutions are for simple class B possession. It’s not hard to catch marijuana consumers. They can be overly honest about having a joint in their console. Many also fall victim to police consent searches.

Misdemeanor dockets are clogged with these cases. Police officers waste hours investigating, arresting, and booking pot defendants. DPS drug labs are flooded with half burnt roaches that require expensive time consuming testing.

Busting pot users isn’t cheap, and provides no public safety benefit. The less time officers, ADAs, and DPS lab techs spend on marijuana enforcement, the more time they can spend on real crime.

It’s time to end the inanity. Call, write, fax, or email your rep today and ask them to support 902. Don’t know who your state rep is? Too lazy to write an original letter? NORML has done all the work for you, just click here.


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6 responses to “Support HB 902- Fine Only Penalty For Marijuana Possession”

  1. Absolutely! What taxpayers don’t realize is that we end up paying for these youngsters in adulthood because once they have this drug possession charge on their record, it is nearly impossible for them to get a job and “recover” from such an harmless (for the most part) event. Plus marijuana was mis-classified by Congress back in the 70’s and that classification should be revisited by the current Administration.

  2. FRCP 56 says:

    I notice the Bill hasn’t come out of committee. Got any inside info on the status?

  3. MStone says:

    This Bill just Went up for a public hearing!
    This bill reduces the penalty to a Class C, Drug reform in Texas is badly needed.
    I find it silly that having a J is worse then Hit and Run(no injury)
    I mean which one has more malice.

  4. FRCP 56 says:

    I have had trouble finding any information on the hearing.

    But, one piece of information I did find was disturbing, at best. After a citizen testified to the committee, one of the committee members asked what “cannabis” is, stating she had never heard that word before.

    If I accurately recall the map of her district she represents portions of Harris, Fort Bend, and Montgomery Counties, I think.

    Oh well, maybe reason will prevail in 2011.

  5. jack says:

    pot should be legal. ive done damn near every drug known to man including ciggarettes and alchoholwhich are legal and i know for a fact that pot is less harmfull than all the rest. theres so many things that pot helps me 1 thing that ciggarettes and beer help?

  6. mrs g1 says:

    Being a 55+ person that grew up in the good old days,its time to do some soul searching,,putting young people in jail and ruining there life is a waste of tax payer money and a waste of what could have been a productive life,,I have used Marijuana for many years,,i am not a addict but enjoy the free feeling and relief MJ provides for my mild arthritis,,
    The truth of the matter is 65% of the individuals around me in my age group that still partake,,if the people actually made the decisions it would have already been allowed and tax just like alcohol and tobacco,,

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