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CLEAT is the Combined Law Enforcement Association of Texas, the cop lobby. CLEAT ‘s website lists their legislative agenda, identifying bills they support and oppose. It’s no surprise that CLEAT supports longer sentences, less freedom, and/or more tax dollars for policing; all of which fall under the umbrella of “law enforcement.” One would surmise that CLEAT would support any bill that results in more law enforcement.

When does CLEAT oppose more law enforcement? When the suspects are cops. They like their blue wall of silence just the way it is. From CLEAT’s site

SB 388 Carona Relating to the creation of the law enforcement integrity unit in the Department of Public Safety.
Remarks: OPPOSED: Creates a law enforcement integrity unit in DPS to investigate law enforcement corruption.
Bill History: 02-17-09 S Introduced and referred to committee on Senate Criminal Justice

Call your representative today and ask them to support SB 388.

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