Meth Prices Up- We Are Still Losing the Drug War, the government’s official Prohibition propoganda site, is bragging about a recent rise in the price of meth. Allegedly, the street price of meth is up 73% since January.

It is unfortunate that all the gains in the price of meth are going to Mexican drug cartels. Prohibition creates a great reliable income and retirement for drug lords.

Our government is doing a great job ensuring windfall profits for organized criminals. We have given them a monopoly on the American meth market and outsourced production through a misguided ban on over the counter sudafed.

An increase in the price of meth reflects either a growing demand, smaller supply, or both.
At $244 per gram, drug cartels should reap record profits. Profits that will be used to corrupt our criminal justice system and fuel violence on the border.

What the crowd does not undestand is that an increase in price will produce more supply. It is not a victory in the drug war anymore than a rise in the price of oil is a victory against OPEC. At $110,000 a pound, meth will continue to flow unabated into American cities.

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3 responses to “Meth Prices Up- We Are Still Losing the Drug War”

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    Good analysis. Even if the data on increased prices is accurate, Pushingback, Walters, et. al. confuse tactical victories for strategic ones, for the reasons you describe.

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    (first want to be clear that I walked away from the drug scene 4 yrs ago)This got my attention, mainly because during the 12 yrs before I quit – prices never changed. I made a few phone calls just to see what the real word on the street is – no change. Prices (in North Texas) today are the same as they were 12, 5, and 3 yrs ago.

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    Cantoya,Thanks for the insight. I take all ONDCP “Facts” with a grain of salt. They are propogandists first and foremost. The feds blog is to justify their own existence, not to accurately inform the public.RG

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