Thursday Quick Hits

Austin American Statesman Calls
It looks like the print media is picking up on the Austin Energy story. A reporter called to confirm IWTS was my blog. That was it. No interview, but with a blog I guess I’m really not needed for quotes.

Prop 13 passes- No Bail For Family Violence
The horrible Prop 13 passed by a huge margin. Judges can now incarcerate indefinitely those who are merely arrested for Family Violence. Voters again choose safety over liberty.

Family Violence cases are fraught with dismissals, affidavits for non prosecution, and false statements to police. When a “tough on crime” judge gets a hold of this new power, injustice will follow.

Vouchers Die In Utah
I was watching this vote carefully. Utah voters rejected school choice. The socialized education forces and teacher’s unions defeated what would have been the first statewide voucher program in the country.

CATO hits the nail on the head and explains that vouchers are still public education. Vouchers simply let parents control the provider of education.

Ron Paul Breaking Records
Remember, remember the 5th of November. Ron Paul smashed fundraising records on 11/5, bringing in $4.2M in online donations. Freedom has no better advocate in the GOP. Republicans sold their small government soul for power. Only RP can bring them back.

Yes, you have to show up in court
I think the wonderful weather is affecting my clients. I have had a rash of last minute calls from defendants stating they can not make their court appearance. In Kaufman county you are required to appear for ALL settings. I can not get a “continuance” the morining of your hearing. If you can not get a ride, walk. Otherwise the Sheriff will provide you a free ride to jail.

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    I was disappointed in Utah as well. Did you know the teacher’s unions were against the prop, but the prop would not have taken one dollar from public education had it passed. The unions are scared of competition. They are scared of parents actually being able to decide how their kids are educated.Brandon Weaver

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    Education is like any job or business…some work hard and are great teachers and some just get by with the least that they can do.The unions perpetuate incompetent teachers instead of policing their own. That is injustice for students.Experience

  3. <img src="http://www.blogge says:

    Teacher’s Unions are only interested in the status quo. It is a shame that we cling to socialized education. Of course, since 95% of the voters were product of public schools it is not suprising they do not appreciate the value of competition in education.The tide is turning on this issue. Utah was first. I hope Texas will step up to the plate in 09.

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