MADD- Soliders are Immature

Last spring, the Marine base is San Diego rightfully began allowing soldiers 18 and over to drink on base. MADD chimes in with this lovely quote-

“When someone who is under the age of 21 gets behind the wheel, they just don’t
have the maturity and the ability to combine drinking and driving,” says Pat
Hodgkin of MADD.

Notice how MADD can not seperate social drinking from drunk driving. Hence MADD’s decent into Neo Prohibiton. This explains MADD’s stand on social host liaiblity, keg registration, and increased penalties for underage drinking.

If you are mature enough to make the decision to fight and possibly die for our country, you are mature enough to drink.


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    I love how they completely ignore the fact that these soldiers live on the freaking base, and therefore are highly unlikely to “hit the streets” after drinking. Plus, as usual, MADD conflates two distinct concepts: (a) drinking, and (b) intoxication.And, of course, 21 is a highly arbitrary age, as people over 21 may still be immature and irresponsible, and people under 21 may be quite mature and responsible. Etc.I had a post with a similar theme a while back.

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