You Want Me To Show You Some F-ing Law!

Think that freedom only protects criminals? Check out this video. This cop is representative of why all stops should be recorded and why we need more protections from traffic enforcement.

The video was so outlandish I thought it may have been a hoax. However, here is the veryfying news story.

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    I guess we need to have cameras in all our of our cars to show what can happen can happen to us. I bet this is only the tip of an iceberg. Would Dateline do an story with Chris Hansen approaching the cop saying “just a minute sir we have some questions.” That would be interesting. Good stuff for a jury to see and hear.Dennis

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    UN-real! And yet, it all sounds so familiar, doesn’t it?When I worked at ACLU the intake files were filled with people complaining about abusive behavior at traffic stops, but that video is priceless – worth more than a thousand words … more than ten thousand. And I’ll bet it’s worth a lot of $$$ in civil court, too.

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    Cop Website Contained Apparent Death Threat Against Video Vigilante

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