Getting a case dismissed

I have had a few dismissals this week. Why do cases get dismissed? Here are 3 reasons.

1. The State Can’t Prove It At Trial-
Time-Older cases are harder to prosecute. This is especially true for cases with no video evidence. Set if for trial see who shows up and who remembers what.

Witness Problems- The State’s star witness could get arrested, die, move to Canada, change their story or simply not show up for court. This applies to cops also.

2. No one cares if you did it-
When a victim will not cooperate with the State or there is no victim (drug cases).

3. Someone else did it-
Get your Sherlock Holmes hat on and solve the case. Believe it or not, telling the prosecutor that you did not commit a crime is not enough. They want to know who really did it and they expect you to find out.


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