Wylie Police Department- Secret DWI Enforcement

I recently filed an open records request with the Wylie Police Department.. I asked for any and all training materials for DWI and Speeding enforcement, including any local procedures used by Wylie PD.

Like many government agencies the Wylie PD has chosen to stonewall my efforts and requested an Attorney General Opinion. No surprise there.

Here is the reason given by the Wylie Police Chief- Jeff Butters.

“The release of the Wylie Police Department’s DWI Arrest Procedure would
interfere with Wylie’s law enforcement and crime prevention. Release of the
Information requested would give people insight into our procedures, which would
put officers at a disadvantage in a situation regarding: DWI enforcement….searches, arrest and detention, including but not limited to, placing the officer’s life in danger. In addition the Information relates to policies and procedures which are different from those commonly known with law enforcement and crime prevention.”

The suprise is that this response was filed after two Wylie police officer’s swore under oath that NO SUCH DOCUMENTS EXIST!

The last thing we need with DWI enforcement is secret enforcement techniques. DWI is already the greatest threat to liberty outside of Prohibition. DWI is an opinion crime littered with junk science. To allow the police to make up new local arrest procedures and keep them secret from defense lawyers is unconscionable.

Wylie PD should quit stonewalling and release their local DWI enforcement practices. They are not above the law when it comes to Open Records requests.

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    That’s bullshit. Even DPS has been told by the AG they have to release their manuals, etc. I’d file a writ of mandamus (allowed under Tx. Gov’t. Code, Sec. 552) on the grounds that the records are well-established public records.

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