Texas Inmate John Smith and the Drug War

To see how Prohibition makes you less safe take the IWTS prohibition inmate challenge.

1. Go to the Texas Offender Information Website.
2. Type in a common name, or your name.
3. Compare the sentences between drug offenders and violent/sexual offenders.

For today’s example I typed in “John Smith”.

John Dirk Smith was sentenced to 11 years for 3 counts of Indecency with a child and 3 counts of sexual assault.
John Daniel Smith was sentenced to 10 years for 2 counts of delivering GHB.
John Ray Smith was senteced to 10 years for Attempted Murder and Agg Assault.
John Wesley Smith was sentenced to 25 years for delivering Cocaine.

Who do you want locked up? John Dirk Smith will have to be released so we can keep John Wesley Smith behind bars.

The War on Drugs makes us less safe by wasting criminal justice resources on victimless crime. Just ask John Smith.


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