Where is my sticker?

I got a call from a “State Trooper Benevolence” association asking for donations. They told me that for my donation I would get a sticker that identified myself as a supporter of state troopers.

First of all, as a Texas taxpayer and occasional speeding driver I already support the State Troopers. I should have dozens of stickers by now. Second, the idea behind the sticker is that you expect the police to let you go for speeding. The only way to get out of tickets is to be a trooper.

I need to start a telephone campaign for the wrongfully convicted, or for victims of Cannabis Prohibition. Unfortunately no one would want that sticker. A bumper sticker for the “Victims of Cannabis Prohibition” would probably be considered probable cause to search.

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3 responses to “Where is my sticker?”

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    One of my close friends once held an upper management position with a company who solicits the donations for various law enforcement associations. She was stunned when she learned the actual split of proceeds. Her company’s take was around 85%. Wonder how many people would donate if they knew the soliciting organization gets a mere 15% of their donation – sometimes less.

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    yea, there is always some business exploiting those municipalities, professional groups, etc., who are exploiting the taxpayer. mash up: libertarianism v. communism.

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    I’m shocked that you don’t donate. 😉 My wife got so tired of the calling all of the time that she finally just went off and said something to the effect of “Why would I give you money when you try to put my husband’s clients in jail for stuff they didn’t do?”Strangely, we continue to get the calls. I guess someone didn’t get that memo.

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