Welcome to Prison, USA- Population 2,300,000

ABC news has a great report on the continuing growth of America’s prison population.

Here are the stats about Prison, USA-
1. America has 5% of the world’s population, and 25% of the world’s prison population.
2. 5% of ALL black males are in prison.
3. One out of every 133 Americans in in prison.
4. The American prison population is greater than the population of New Mexico.

The drug war is to blame for this mess. Prisons are not full because of a surge in violent offenders. Violent crime is down dramatically since 1993.

Federal prosecutions for violent crimes are at the same level as 1980. Drug prosecutions are up over 400% over the same period.

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3 responses to “Welcome to Prison, USA- Population 2,300,000”

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    You were the State:That is something to think about. Can you get the stats for Texas? Last I heard it was over 100,000 in TDCJ and over one million on probation, parole or in TDCJ. Big business. Lots of government contracts. Lots of dope sold in prison by the guards.

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    Its a nice article about prison USA. Now-a-days I am hearing about lot of drug paddlers getting arrested, drug traffic getting busted. But still people some how manage to get hands on drugs and they are not worried about Passing a drug test, since detox drinks and capsules which are available in market.

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