IWTS vs. The Texas Gambling Monopoly

I blogged earlier about how Texas fights to protect the State gambling monopoly with SWAT poker raids and law suits against Indian Tribes. I decided to do some investigative reporting and see what the Attorney General and Dallas SWAT are protecting me from.

IWTS went to Shreveport, LA last night with my beautiful wife Elizabeth. It seems that the State of Texas is not keeping Texans from gambling, only from gambling in Texas. Every casino hotel room was booked and 90% of the license plates I saw were from the Lone Star State. I had such a hard time getting a room that I accidentally called a gambling helpline and asked for a room. I ended up at the new casinoless Hyatt. Nice hotel, good beds, clean and quiet.

I ended up losing about $300 on craps and blackjack. My wife is a good craps player. She won about $50. I would rather have lost this money in Texas.

There is nothing nice about Shreveport. It is a dump with casinos. I would not go there except we can not gamble in Texas.

Texas needs casinos. Specifically, we need them in our dump, the Fair Park area of Dallas. It would be great for the South Dallas economy. It would keep gambling dollars at home. It would close down Shreveport and save countless 3 hours drives from Dallas.

If adults want to throw dice and place money on the outcome why is that illegal?

In Texas you can bet on horse races and the lottery but the government has deemed in necessary to keep evil table games and slot machines from the public. It’s hypocritical nanny state paternalism.

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    Shreveport is just a step above Choctaw. We went to Choctaw Friday night, they also had no rooms, the hotel is not that large though, and I would guess 75% of the plates were from Texas. If they ever allow gambling in Texas it needs to be full Las Vegas or Shreveport style with all table games.

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    I have not been to the Oklahoma casinos. I have not heard anything good about them though.We could shut OK and LA casinos down. The demand for gaming in Texas is huge. We just have no suppliers.I browsed your site. Great pictures.

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