The DWI Police State- Roadblocks

A news article in Virginia discloses the truth about DWI roadblocks.

MADD tells us we need roadblocks to stop deaths on the roadway. MADD/law enforcement like to use fabricated “alcohol related fatality” numbers to scare us into giving up our freedom.

MADD has sold us the lie we must ignore the Bill or Rights and the outdated probable cause requirement to pull a car over.


“DUI road checkpoints, in and of themselves, are not necessarily designed to catch people under the influence,” said Sgt. Rob Netherland, who supervises DUI checkpoints and patrols for Henrico County.

Four sobriety checkpoints run by Richmond Police last year netted 3 DUI arrests in a city that recorded 590 DUI convictions, though officers made 170 arrests on related and unrelated offenses.

You mean waiving probable cause for a stop to catch DWI offenders turns into a fishing expidition for law enforcement? What a shock. Police actually use roadblocks to write tickets and look for drugs.

Why have DWI roadblocks if they do not stop DWI?

“It’s kind of like shock and awe,” Hanover County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Mike Trice said of checkpoints.

Shock and awe? Police states are built upon fear of law enforcement. That is where we are headed with DWI.

Most drivers who have had something to drink have low blood alcohol content or concentration (BAC) and few are involved in fatal crashes. On the other hand, while only a few drivers have BACs higher than .15, many of those drivers have fatal crashes.

Roadblocks tend to catch the low BAC DWI offender. The vast majority of these drivers never get in an accident and injure no one. Roadblocks should never have been allowed in a free country. It is time to stand up for freedom and against MADD propaganda.

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