Dallas Police Theft Scandal

The title to the DMN article says it all- Officer admits stealing cash during traffic stop.

Officer Mark Torres is facing a felony theft charge after stealing $700 from a motorist.

Officer Torres turned his camera off during the stop. The Dallas police chief vows to do whatever it takes to keep the police cameras rolling in the future.

Every stop, every interrogation, every home invasion search needs to be recorded. There is no good reason to hide police activity.

It is much easier for a prosecutor when there is no video. The trial turns out to be the cop’s word versus the defendant. Guess who the judge/jury believes?

The motorist’s “immigration status” has yet to be determined. The politically powerless are always the most vulnerable to injustice.

People think that civil liberties and constitutional “technicalities” only protect criminals. It is time to re-examine that idea. We need more accountability and transparency in law enforcement. Video taping every stop and detention a great place to start.


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