Know When To Fold Em-

The Texas Lottery is facing tough times. We have given the State of Texas a near monopoly on gambling yet they have managed to lose money on the Texas Two Step.

If ticket sales don’t improve the public schools may lose some funding. Despite that potential positive development Texas Lottery officials are looking at ways to boost ticket sales.

Is anyone suprised that the State can lose money on something as profitable as gambling? The Government can never run a business as well as private enterprise.

The State of Texas uses law enforcement to maintain it’s gambling monopoly. It sends SWAT teams to raid private poker rooms. The Attorney General fights Indian casinos at every step.

It seems that gambling is immoral and a danger to society; unless the State of Texas runs it.

Why not allow private competition for gambling dollars? Why are we wasting SWAT team resources on Texas Hold Em Prevention?

We need to get the State out of the gaming business. Tax the profits of real casinos.

I will live to see real gaming in Texas. You do not have to travel far across any of Texas’ borders to see where Texans gambling dollars are going (Winstar, Shreveport, etc). No amount of tinkering with the Texas Two Step is going to convince poker and slots players to buy more lottery tickets.


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