Texas Traffic Tickets 101

I get a lot of calls about traffic tickets. Most people just want to keep the ticket “off their record.” This is usually accomplished through deferred adjudication. If you do not have a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) you are eligible for deferred.

Deferred Adjudication means that the case will be dismissed if you pay the fine and do not get a ticket for your probation period.

Every court has a different policy for deferred. Some require defensive driving or do not allow it for certain speeding offenses (eg 20mph over the limit). A local attorney can reduce the fines, get companion cases dismissed, and make an appearance for you.

Ticket Secret 1- Even if you get another ticket while on probation most courts don’t know. I have not seen a court yet that could actually verify if you completed the probation or not without getting a citation. That is why some courts require you to file an affidavit promising you have been a good driver.

Ticket Secret 2- Trying a ticket that is more than a few months old is practically impossible for the State. I have yet to meet an officer who can honestly remember a ticket they wrote six months ago. They write so many tickets that the details run together. The first trial I lost as a prosecutor was a speeding ticket. The defense attorney was Pre Paid Legal. My cop testified he couldn’t remember the stop or citation. Not Guilty.

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    I received a ticket for rolling through a stop sign a couple of weeks ago bringing my lifetime ticket total to 30. The number on my record: 0.I immediately started thinking about how to “get out of it” such as requesting a court date, trying to postpose a couple of times and then seeing if the officer remembered. however, in the end $180 and deferred was the easiest and cheapest “way out”.Ticket secret #3: demand a jury trial and call lots of witnesses. This one is probably best for people with lots of time on their hands…. but i’ve seen it work.

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    30! That’s pretty good. As for the jury trial, that is also a good point. In my experience JP judges tend to side with the police.

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    I got a speeding ticket, (77 in a 65), the oficer said he got me n radar. I had my cruise set at 70 and have a radar detector, which nevr went off. The offier made me get out of my truck, told me my eyes were and asked if I had been drinking. (I don’t drink) he make me go through the test ayway, which I passed. When I insisted that I had not been doing 77mph, he told me I had a radar detector and that looked bad. I intend to fight this ticket, my question is, does the officer have to show proof that he had me on radar?Thanks

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    Larry,Cops don’t have to show you the radar. They can refuse to show it to you.

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