Pimp’s Up Ho’s Down- Dallas SWAT Edition

Consensual crime enforcement eats one of their own today. Dallas SWAT officer Johnny Baker was fired for having sex with a prostitute. Officer Baker is a star of the A&E reality show “Dallas SWAT.”
Mr. Baker and his Dallas SWAT team used millitary force to terrorize citizens engaged in consensual activity. Most notably, they conducted a millitary style invasion of a poker game as part of a misguided SWAT crackdown on Texas Hold Em.

Mr. Baker has denied ever paying for sex and has not been charged with a crime. Hopefully Mr. Baker will have an epiphany that arresting consenting adults should not be the business of millitarized police forces. Gambling, drugs, or whatever Mr. Baker was doing in that hotel room should be legal for consenting adults.


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3 responses to “Pimp’s Up Ho’s Down- Dallas SWAT Edition”

  1. <img src="http://www.blogger.c says:

    Johnny Baker? Really? I think I have had him in an Agg. Robbery trial once. Just seems familiar. Do you know anything about him?

  2. <img src="http://www.blogge says:

    I don’t know anything beyond the story. Never had a case with him.

  3. adrian foxxx says:

    You’re awesome. I know so many girls who have escorted with police officers. It’s amazing how hypocritical human beings really are and police officers are human beings although for some reason once they get a badge they act like superheroes. And although that’s not a problem when preventing crimes that actually hurt people, or minors are being trafficked and sold around the adult entertainment business. But when adults with there own consent choose to do something that hurts no one it’s amazing how many people try to regulate what puts a smile on their faces.

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