TABC Still Wasting Tax Dollars At Dallas Strip Clubs

Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission officers spend a lot of time harassing college students, busting up high school key parties, and arresting bar employees. However, TABC agents know how to have a good time. In fact, TABC agent routinely work undercover at Dallas strip clubs buying lap dances and beer with your tax dollars!

I filed an open records request last year to learn more about this undercover operation. To my surprise these strip clubs stings are not a TABC employee morale boosting program- this is considered law enforcement.

Nothing makes blogging material like a follow up story. So, I filed a follow up open records request to check in on the TABC strib club subsidy program.

I didn’t receive as much information as my first request. For example, last time I received offense reports where the officers detailed the dangerous crimes they were investigated (improper lap dancing!). I may file a follow up open records request. Until then, here is what I learned.

A day with TABC and your tax dollars- 11/8/2007
Whevern TABC wants to use taxpayer money on lapdances, they are required to fill out a “purchase of evidence” report. I received some POE reports from November 8, 2007.

On 11/8/2007 undercover TABC agentsmanaged to infiltrate several Dallas area strip clubs. Armed with over $400 in taxpayer funds these officers bravely purchased 21 beers, and 9 lap dances. TABC is working hard to protect Dallasites from the lap dance menace; is this a good use of tax payer resources?

If one listed the dangers facing Dallasites today, where exactly would lap dances rank? Probably well below being wrongfully convicted and home invasion burglaries.

Dallas has one of the highest crime rates in the country. Real crime should take priority over inventing crime at strip clubs.

Here are the reports TABC sent.


2 responses to “TABC Still Wasting Tax Dollars At Dallas Strip Clubs”

  1. All the departments are in on this “crime-fighting” scheme, which ends in the officers, several days later, hauling the women they drunkenly remember breaking the no contact rule into brightly lit rooms and taking naked photos of them. In fact, anecdotal reports have it that in Richardson, RPD officers would go into the VIP rooms and fully have sex with the dancers before having them arrested. It’s a classy operation any way you shake it, and I never plea a stripper case.
    But I wanted to let you know that your report link is broken.
    Oh, and JOIN DCDLA! We’d love to link to your blog, I know many of us read it. I’ve been pushing to get a member blog section featured, and yours would be great.

  2. Robert Guest says:

    Thanks for reading. I have been meaning to join. I’m at the Crowley Center a lot.

    I’ll work on the link.


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