Dallas 5th District Court of Appeals-

I get a few readers who are searching for “Dallas Court of Appeals”. As a public service here is some basic information on the 5th District Court of Appeals.

Where is the website for the 5th District Court of Appeals in Dallas?
Here is the website. This site was recognized as one of the best in 2000. Unfortunately, it really hasn’t changed since. The site design has a Windows 95 flair. Function over form.

What Does A Texas Appellate Court Do?
When a trial court makes a decision, that decision can be reviewed by an appellate court. For example, a defense lawyer may object that certain evidence is hearsay and should be excluded. If the judge rule overrules the objection and the defendant is found guilty, the defendant can appeal that decisions. The appellate court will then decide if the trial court’s decision was in error. (Trial court error’s are usually not enough to overturn a conviction. Texas appellate courts often rules that mistakes by a trial judge are “harmless.”)

What areas does the 5th District appellate court serve?
Appeals from Collin, Dallas, Kaufman, Rockwall and Grayson county are all heard by the 5th District Court of Appeals.

Here is a map showing the jurisdiction for all Texas appellate courts.

I thought the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals was in New Orleans?
It is. However, that is the federal court of appeals. Dallas is the seat of the 5th District Court of Appeals.

Isn’t there more information on criminal appeals at RobertGuest.com?
Great question. For information on appealing a criminal case, here is my appellate page from robertguest.com.

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