Monday Quick Hits- Rhett, Romeo and Ron Paul

St. Patrick’s, Old 97’s, and Greenville
I spent my first St. Patty’s on Greenville. My wife and a few friends attended the Old 97’s concert at Energy Square (a parking lot on Greenville and University.)

Our group missed the parade, arriving at 3pm. We did catch the last of the parade goers leaving for their cars. I only saw one person throw up, and one person arrested. For all the complaints about the Greenville parade it seemed the vast majority was well behaved. There was an overwhelming police presence without much criminal presence. The level of law enforcement boredom approached TSA levels.

As for the show, at first I positioned myself close to the stage to rock with the real fans. I quickly bailed on that idea. The speaker placement made that area a distorted mess acoustically, like standing behind a jet engine. The further back we stood, the better the music sounded. We finally found a sweet spot at a table in front of the portable Hooters. The set list was predictably great and the band was in top form. A little cold weather kept the large crowds away, which to me is a plus. Overall, a great St. Patty’s.

My only question- why were so many people wearing kilts? I thought kilts were Scottish.

My “friend” is 20 and his girlfriend is 17, is it legal for them to ___?
My earlier post on the age of consent in Texas has generated more than a few emails/comments asking if you or your “friend” will be in trouble if you date or know your romantic partner biblically etc. Most want to know if the “Romeo and Juliet” defense will save them from the clink. The volume of inquires makes me wonder if our public school’s “just say no” abstinence only education is reaching every student.

First, I can’t answer your question. That’s legal advise, not something I can shoot off in a quick email or post in the comments section.

Second, even if the act of coitus is not criminal there are other laws you could be violating. Most people have never heard of the crime of “Enticting a Child”. EAC sounds like a child molester sneaking children into his van. It’s not.

EAC applies in any situation that “interferes” with child custody. For example- Your romantic partner’s parents can call the police if you take your boy/girlfriend anywhere without their permission. Condoms may prevent STDs, but they won’t stop DPD from arresting you.

Ron Paul vs. Stephen Baldwin- On Marijuana
If only cannabis prohibition apologists realized they all sound as ridiculous as Stephen. Is there even a debate left to be had on legalization?

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