On Justia- A Client Review

I’ve spent many keystrokes railing against the SEO industry. From spam comments to fake link building these companies are heavy on pitch but short on credibility. Let me offer some hope for lawyers looing for internet marketing help.

Last year I decided to sell out and move from my gratis blogger account to a commercial lawyer blawg provider. After some deliberation I chose Justia. I was impressed with their portfolio and the broad range of legal information they provide the public. Justia is not cheap by any means, but it has been a solid investment. I would recommend Justia over any other SEO company for a few reasons.

1. They have never embarrassed me. No spam bots plaguing my colleagues blogs or splogs with spam links etc. I do have a strange presence on some “dog lawyer” website that Justia owns.. But I love dogs, and I’m a lawyer, so no problem.

2. They are hyper responsive. One reason I switched to a commercial provider was to abandon the daily maintenance of my blog/site. Justia maintains my site with speed and precision. My requests for new links, apps, or graphics are always actualized within 24 hours. This gives me more time to blog and do actual legal work.

3. They are honest. Recently, I became concerned that I did not own my blog url. Blogging is about building a presence on the internet. The url is the real estate. The blog is the building. I told Justia I wanted to own my url. Again, within 24 hours DallasCriminalDefenseLawyerBlog.com was transferred to my godaddy account. Could they have held my site ransom and forced me to renew my contract first? Sure. But they didn’t. That shows true confidence in their product, and integrity. Consider this my uncompensated endorsement of Justia. Any lawyer looking to jump on the tail end of the blawg-wagon should consider their services.

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