Kaufman District Attorney Run Off April 13

District Attorney vote totals from last night’s GOP primary-
Rick Harrison- 3,110
Andrew Jordan- 2,764
Mike Mclelland- 3,479
It was an interesting development as the early vote totals had Mr. Jordan in 2nd and Mr. Harrison in 3rd, respectively. I quit watching before all the Forney precincts had been posted. It appears Rick got a significant push from Forney voters to put him in the run off. Round 2 of the Kaufman DA election will be April 13.

In other election news Howard Tygrett won re election (86th Judicial District Court Judge) against Raymond Shackleford, Rhonda Hughley defeated Angela Webb for District Clerk, and JP2 in Forney is going to see a run off between Wade Gent and Patricia Ashcroft.

Finally, the world will be watching as the Ellis County Libertarian party holds their county convention on March 13, 2010 at my house in Ennis.

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