Affirmative Links- I hope this works

Austin DWI lawyer Jamie Spencer has started Texas’ first collborative criminal defense lawyer blog- Affirmative Links.Until now every blawger had to be a solo publishing machine; capable of generating interesting new content on a regular basis. No other media model works this way. Newspapers, magazines, bar journals- are all collborative efforts. It’s one reason that so many new blawgs fail. It’s hard to manage an active law practice and dedicate time to regular updating, posting, editing, etc.

Jamie is asking for a post a week from those interested. The idea being that if we can get mad SEO cred the right way- by producing compelling content together, we all win. I hope it works and puts more distance between real defense bloggers, and the ghostwritting dreck blawging SEO scamsters.

Will AL be successful? Organizing defense lawyers can be like herding cats and the murky nature of returns on such a setup may prove unworkable in the long run. But I’m proud of Jamie for his innovation.

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