Kaufman County District Court Information

I’m getting a lot of searches for “Kaufman County District Courts.” A few of these readers may want logistical information, not criminal defense lawyer musings. Here is some basic information for the public
Kaufman County District Courts
Kaufman has two district courts. They handle felony criminal cases, family law cases, and other civil lawsuits. Both are located at the downtown courthouse.

Kaufman County Courthouse
100 W. Mulberry St.
Kaufman, Texas 75142
86th District Court
Judge Howard Tygrett
This court is located in the middle of the 2nd floor of the courthouse.
Phone: 972-932-4331 Ext. 1251
422nd District Court
Judge B. Michael Chitty
The 422nd is located at the end of the first floor.
Phone: 972-932-4331 Ext. 1257

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