Dallas Sheriff Allows Armed Robbery To Protect Snitch

Today’s DMN has a shocking story. Dallas Auto Theft Task Force agents knew that one of their snitches was going to rob a tractor trailer with $1m in cigarettes. The police, not wanting to ruin their important investigation, told no one.

This robbery took place in Waxahachie, in Ellis County. From DMN-

When several men broke into a Waxahachie truck terminal last October, tied up a security guard at gun point and crashed a semi-trailer loaded with $1 million in cigarettes through the front gate, they didn’t know one of them was a snitch for the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department.

A sheriff’s detective who was in contact with the informant that night said he didn’t know the crime would turn into an armed robbery. But the informant was surprised to be arrested months later, saying the detective knew for weeks what he was planning.

The Sheriff’s Department launched an internal investigation of its auto theft task force after local police officers complained that the detective hid key information from them to protect his informant.

That investigation cleared task force officers of any wrongdoing..

Task force detectives knew days in advance that the truck heist was going down at the Celadon trucking terminal in Waxahachie. They did not intervene and, in fact, weren’t even at the scene.

The investigation cleared task force officers of any wrongdoing. Why am I not suprised?

What would motivate law enforcement to allow crime? Bureaucrats are predictabty self interested actors. Government always acts to serve its own interest, not those of the public. This Auto Task Force wanted to bust a car theft ring, not prevent armed robberies.

Snitches are a disgusting reality of law enforcement. They pollute the integrity of the system. Snitches are most prevelant in drug cases. Someday Texas will ban police collusion with criminals. Until then, don’t count on the Dallas Sheriff to protect you from their snitches.
Make sure a read the whole article for a great quote by
Grit’s own Scott Henson.
It’s good to see that Mr. Henson is recognized as the expert on Texas snitches. Way to go Scott!

Finally, thanks to Terrence who pointed out this was a trailer robbery, not an armored car heist. I got my google reader stories mixed up. Sorry for any confusion.


2 responses to “Dallas Sheriff Allows Armed Robbery To Protect Snitch”

  1. Big says:

    An attorney commenting on police procedure. Really??? That’s like the pot calling the kettle black.

    The Dallas courts are releasing people, who were wrongly imprisoned, because an attorney either did nothing to help them or did too much to try to get the conviction. I bet if the Bar Association conducted an internal investigation there would be no wrong doing found on either of the attorneys. But hey… it’s o.k…. the checks have already been cashed.

    An attorney questioning someone else’s ethics. Really???

  2. Robert Guest says:

    Ok. I’m missing your point.

    Since I am an attorney I should not criticize law enforcement?

    How am I the pot to the Dallas Sheriff’s kettle? Please explain this analogy.

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