Ice, Ice, Baby

It’s an ice storm auto apocalypse is Dallas. Dallasites are often criticized for their driving performance during winter storms. This criticism is most often heard from snooty mountain state residents with their snow tires and four wheel drive.

Guess what rest-of-America? No one can drive in ice. In Colorado, Minnesota, New York, it snows. It’s easy to drive in snow. I took on a blizzard in Colorado once in a crappy sedan rental car. No problem.

Driving in ice is like, well any other activity on ice. It’s really freakin’ hard. NASCAR drivers would fail on Texas ice.

For the “you should stay home” crowd; We would all love to stay home on days like this instead of playing bumper cars on 75. However, most non school employees don’t get ice days off. If the IRS would quit collecting taxes for a day, I’d be happy to not drive in inclement weather.

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