I Was The State, But Not For Long

It looks like I will keep the blog name, at least for now. Therefore, I feel the need to give out my resume. I do not want to create the impression I was a career prosecutor or trying capital murder cases for the State.

After law school my first job was…. with the Public Defender in Wichita Falls. Then I spent a year at the Bowie County DA, and another at the Kaufman County DA.

I have been in private practice for 18 months.

I was the State, but not for long. I was the only misdemeanor prosecutor in Bowie County (Texarkana). I was the Chief Misdmeanor DA in Kaufman County.

Full disclosure being achieved. I can keep IWTS until I think of something better.

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    Robert,”IWTS” has, to tell the truth, never done anything for me. I’m glad you’re open to the possibility of a new name, and I’m working on the problem.The marketers would probably tell you to use “Kaufman Criminal Defense” or something equally boring (sorry, Jamie) to achieve page rank in the search engines.

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    Hey Mark:It’s not just about PageRank, it’s SERPs too!(joking)Robert:To me, it’s the libertarian leanings in you that make “IWTS” such a misnomer for your blog. Maybe if there were some way to emphasis the “I Was The State’ aspect of it, but I don’t have any helpful ideas.Like Mark, I’ll feel free to pester you with any ideas if they pop into my head.(The real point of blogging though, is good content, and you don’t need any help there.)

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    Also, Mark, no need to apologize (although I know it was in jest).Co-opting one of my favorite lines with clients when they seem embarrased after ‘admitting’ something…”You’re going to have to try a lot harder than that to offend me.”:)

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    Why don’t you use your last name. Something like “Special Guest”? or “The Guest Speaker?” or “Preferred Guest?” or “The Guest House”? or the “Reasonable Overnight Guest”? i.e. minn. v. olson.Surely you get the idea.

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    Bar NoneBar L (WF reference)Unwanted GuestLowering the BarVox Populi (although that may be pushing it)Citizen GuestGuest Rant

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