He Didn’t Drive Drunk

An 18 year old Stephen F. Austin student died Sunday night of alcohol poisoning. Despite years of MADD propaganda and tough underage drinking laws Nikloas Gallegos still chose to consume alcohol. Texas law does not stop young adults from drinking, only from drinking responsibly in public.

MADD likes to argue that the 21 drinking age stops drunk driving. MADD should acknowledge their role in causing deaths from binge drinking.

When you are under 21 you have a tendency to treat every party with booze as your last. Instead of legislating alcohol abstinence we need to allow young adults the freedom to learn to use alcohol responsibly.

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4 responses to “He Didn’t Drive Drunk”

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    Well saidDennis

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    Isn’t this the same group that has the highest fataliy rate when driving? Gaining experience is sometimes very costly.

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    I would rather deal with the inconveniences that come from too much freedom than those that come from too little.I have heard the idea of graduated drinking licenses.

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    I agree. That’s the way I acted. Once I hit 21 it was like ‘I’ll have a drink if I want one, not just because it’s there.’

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