DWI and Jury Selection

As part of the jury selection process I often ask potential jurors if they have ever driven after drinking. The vast majority of potential jurors answer yes.

The truth about DWI is that most jurors have committed DWI in their past but did not get arrested. They only difference between them and the defendant is luck.

When I inquire into the reason they chose to drink and drive most will say they were “young and stupid.” I often wonder at why jurors are so ready to ruin the lives of defendants who are on trial for DWI, when they have committed the same crime themselves.

How would the lives of these potential jurors would have been impacted by arrest, loss of the right to drive, thousands of dollars in fines, fees, and court costs, and being placed in the criminal justice system?


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    (just curious) Who would you rather have on the jury – those who say they have or those who say they haven’t?

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