Collin County Courthouse Review

I went to trial today in Collin County. We actually went from voir dire to closing argument all in the same day. Very efficient, but also very tiring.

The Collin County courthouse is aesthetically indifferent. It does not strive for courthouse grandeur. It is content in its functionality. The outward appearance is what I would describe as bureaucratic apathy.

The inside of the courthouse is highly functional. The courtrooms have a great set up for laptops at the counsel tables. I could access the internent and play videos as needed for the jury as needed. The jurors were well positioned and the witness stand had a good central location. Microphones for the judge and witnesses maintained good acoustics.

On the downside the courthouse needs more bathrooms. They are all located by the entrance. It can be a long walk during trial. I also could not find any coffee.

Overall, I give the Collin County courthouse at B-.

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    If the court house gets a B-, the officials deserve an F…. U. (I know, too obvious)

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