DEA TV- Liberty’s Rorsach Test

Gather the family and watch as federal paramilitary police break down doors and invade private residences. The DEA is getting their own reality show.

Watch the promo and tell me what you see-

– Hard Working Law Enforcement Keeping Us Safe From Evil
– A home invasion paramilitary raid conducted by some idiot in a backwards baseball hat who lacks the intelligence to see that Prohibition will never work.

When the federal police invade homes to solve victimless crime it shows how little freedom we have left. If you are not disgusted by this promo ask yourself why? Is your subjective belief that drugs are “bad” enough to support terrorizing neighborhoods with paramilitary police and funneling billions to drug gangs?

This whole series is brought to you by Al Roker productions. Mr. Roker must be too busy whoring out the violence of Prohibition to actually think about this failed policy. Here is a quote from this moron-

“Television viewers will get the same unprecedented access to the inner workings
of the DEA as our camera crews – the raids, the risk and the danger,” said Al
Roker, executive producer. “This series is the real deal, exposing elements of
the illegal drug trade that you could not imagine. When you watch DEA, you will
feel like you have gone undercover.”

Wow Al, that sounds really exiting. Will you also cover the funerals of SWAT victims like Tamika Wilson? How about those dying from AIDS caused by the drug war? I bet viewers could “never imagine” that our War on Drugs not only destroys the Constitution, but kills innocent Americans while spreading AIDS and corruption.

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4 responses to “DEA TV- Liberty’s Rorsach Test”

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    The link is dead. Is there another source?

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    They have taken the video down. I will try and find it on youtube.

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  4. Ada says:

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