SCOTUS- No Right To Treatment

Prohibition begins with the idea that Americans have no right to control what goes in their body. I believe in the sovereignty of each individual to choose what substances to consume, or not consume. If you believe pot, heroin, or crack should be illegal you accept the premise that the government holds a higher power than the individual.

“But crack and heroin are dangerous”, “You don’t really think people have the right to use drugs?” I do, and here is why.

When you give up the right of individuals to use “bad” substances (crack) and place that power with the government you also give up the right of individuals to use “good” substances (unapproved cancer treatments).

The government entities (FDA, DEA) who are given that power will act in their own interest, not those of the individual. For proof, here is today’s latest Supreme Court embarrassment.

The Supreme Court is upholding a decision that prevents dying patients from receiving non-FDA approved medicines. Your advocates for this cruel torture- the FDA and the Bush Administration.

The Supreme Court is merely acknowledging that individuals have no rights to use any substance without permission from the federal government (FDA). Ergo, our rights no longer come from our Creator, but from the federal government’s army of bureaucrats.

The DEA and FDA paved the way for this brutal statism with their “victory” in a 2001 Supreme Court case. In US vs Oakland Cannabis the Supreme Court held that Americans had no right to medical marijuana even if they showed a “medical necessity.” The fruits of that argument inspired today’s horrendous decision.

Like all tyrants the FDA values the authority to run your life over the rights of the dying, their power over mercy, and their funding over your freedom. The 10th Amendment should protect the rights of all Americans to pursue medical treatment. The road to hell is paved with bureaucracy.

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