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I haven’t felt like blogging lately. I’ve been working on an upcoming DWI trial, and not working by spending time with my wife. As much as I hate the heat, I enjoy the late evenings in the summer. I walk the dogs, swim at our friend’s pool, and spend time in the yard pulling weeds. I’m working on that work life balance, and blogging has left the life part of the scale.

One of the problems of the SEO/GET ME CLIENTS NOW!/sell out blog is that it feels like I’m working. I feel like I’m writing press releases, not blog material.

Justia did what I paid them to. They increased my SEOness and told me how to write for maximum google love (hint use geography words in the title of each post). Justia is not the problem, they are a good company, responsive and honest.

I miss IWasTheState because it was natural. The author of IWTS could have a few typos, talk about the debt/healthcare/statism etc. I was free to pollute the blogosphere with knee jerk libertarianism. My blog was personal, then commercial, and I can feel the difference when I’m at the keyboard.

I’ve gotten more clients, more readers, and maintain a busy practice during a horrible downturn. It’s only because I have clients that I can bemoan the lack of meaning in my blogging. To an out of work attorney this sounds frivolous, and it is. Such is the hierarchy of needs. First comes survival, then purpose and joy.

I can’t plead entrapment. I made a choice to expand on the internet/abandon the phonebook etc. I became to reach more clients. It was not a simple URL switch; it was a blogging personality transplant.

The real price of a commercial besides (besides paying Justia, who I endorse) is the joy of writing personally. Lately, I’ve often felt like I’m back in legal practice at Tech (hell on earth).

It wasn’t until I starting Facebooking that I realized how bad my writer’s block had become. FB has a limited audience, but that only makes the writing more enjoyable. I can write about microwaving bacon and give out free legal advice (not really, but kind of). Without Facebook I wouldn’t know where to share random casual observations online. (I also wouldn’t know that every person I went to high school has children, but I digress.)

Conclusion- I don’t have one. This is a post about lacking inspiration, remember?
Author’s Note- Title of the blog is a great song by Graham Wilkinson.

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  1. Josh says:

    Why are you “meta-blogging” (blogging about blogging)? Nobody cares about that kind of stuff. Google “meta blogging” and read the first result, I’m sure it will be the same one I read on CodingHorror.

    We didnt come here to hear excuses, we came to read stuff about criminal defense or libertarian issues.

    This update was a waste of an RSS click.

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