Andrew Jordan to run for Kaufman County District Attorney

Kaufman county chief public defender Andrew Jordan is going to run for Kaufman District Attorney. My source? Andrew told me Friday. The GOP primary/de facto election is in March. Candidates have until January to file.

Mr. Jordan and Kaufman DA Rick Harrison met Friday to discuss the election. I was told that Andrew and Rick are both hoping for a clean campaign. I’m not sure how much the candidates can control the tone of the upcoming race. Reading the comments on other sites leads me to believe that ship may have sailed.

I have purposely not written about Mr. Harrison’s DWI arrest because of the vitriol. I don’t want to be a platform for sewer gossip. However, it’s important to cover the Kaufman DA election so I’m not going to avoid the topic.

Whereas I am all for open debate and comments on ideas, not so much on people. Therefore, I’m going to strictly monitor comments on candidates, no anonymous comments will be allowed and I will delete anything I find objectionable. My comments standard willl be purely subjective and arbitrary. If you don’t like the rules, don’t comment.

Who is Andrew Jordan? Mr. Jordan is a 2002 graduate of Texas Tech law school. Andrew has completed the criminal law trifecta- prosecutor, private defense, and public defender. Mr. Jordan oversaw the creation of the Kaufman public defender’s office, which by all accounts is a well run operation.

I believe that the PD was funded by a grant and that the future of said office is not yet certain. The local defense bar was not (and still is not) happy about the loss of court appointments to the PD. It’s a sore subject on the square. What’s not debated is that the indigent are well represented. Creating a new bureaucracy from scratch is not easy. Mr. Jordan has received accolades and well deserved media attention for the success of the Kaufman PD.

I’ve always believed that the job of District Attorney is more a management/political position than actual criminal law work. Creating and running the PD office is a valuable experience in that regard.

Andrew and I both worked under former DA Ed Walton (thought not at the same time). During my ADA tenure I had a DWI trial with Andrew as defense counsel. Andrew taught me a very important lesson that day- EMT’s blood draws are not admissible in DWI cases. I will never forget that rule because it kept out my best evidence in that case. The defendant would have been acquitted had he not testified.

Note to potential DA candidates- I will post a Q&A with any interested DA candidate. If you want to be the next Kaufman DA shoot me an email.


7 responses to “Andrew Jordan to run for Kaufman County District Attorney”

  1. Brandon Weaver says:

    So who’s blood draws are admissible?

  2. Robert says:

    Section 724.017. Blood Specimen
    (a) Only a physician, qualified technician, chemist, registered professional nurse, or licensed vocational nurse may take a blood specimen at the request or order of a peace officer under this chapter. The blood specimen must be taken in a sanitary place.

  3. Joey says:

    Robert, since you won’t let the sewer gossip in, can I plug I definitely want as much sewer gossip as possible.


  4. Graham says:

    It is with hope that we await a new DA for Kaufman county. Not only was the previous DA embattled, but the whole state of the county is embattled with inner judicial corruption that is deeply entrenched. The new DA must not conform to the good ole boys ring but rather stand against it and break it up, shattering it for good.

  5. B.k. says:

    You are right and the new DA should begin by getting the good ole boys structure broken up. howard tygrett is in the middle of it, God forbid that he run and be elected again

  6. EH says:

    Why is it that everyone instantly assumes that the DA is part of a corrupt good old boy network? The guy came in as an outsider and cleaned up the backlog which was a major issue and costing the county much wasted dollars. It took a lot of experience in the court room and knowledge of how a DA’s office should run.

  7. bob says:

    F**K all of them, lawyers are like politcal figures, pack your pockets & those of friends and screw the masses ! Get someone that has no idea what they’re doing & I bet he does a BETTER job !! Your all theives & crooks !

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