Yes, I mind if you search my car

Quit letting the cops search your car. You have no idea what is in your car. Think of all the crazy people who ride in your car. Some of them use drugs. You might use drugs. Either way, just say no to consent searches.

A cop asking to search your vehicle will usually do so very politelty. A common appraoch is- “You don’t have any drugs or guns in your car do you? Then you don’t mind if I search your car do you?”
Of course you mind. It’s your car. Do you routinely let strangers go through your things?

The cop does not want to search your car because he likes you. He is telling you that he wants to arrest you. He just has not found or planted a reason to arrest you yet.

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    Well said Robert. I particularly love it when its the Border Patrol asking me if I am a citizen, and I always ask back from what country?

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    Good stuff. Just be careful. BP agents cover up shootings and then become national heroes.

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