Why The Cherry Pit Matters

The Cherry Pit prosecution has reached a new low. Not content with mere code violations the police have invented an organized crime charge. This new charge carries a possible sentence of 99 years in jail. From DMN

According to the arrest warrant affidavits for Jim Trulock, 59, and Julie M. Norris, 30, the pair runs the Cherry Pit more like a business, with employees, staff meetings and donations that totaled more than $102,000 over 16 months.

The Duncan ville police department’s investigation accuses them of operating a sex club, possessing large amounts of alcohol, promoting prostitution and engaging in organized crime and money laundering.

Ed Klein, the attorney for Mr. Trulock and Ms. Norris, said the city is harassing the couple in an effort to run them out of town.

“They want to prolong the abuse,” Mr. Klein said. “Just when Jim and Julie make sure it’s OK to sit down and have a quiet dinner at home, they’re going to pounce on them every chance they get.”
On Thursday, Duncanville authorities arrested Mr. Trulock on suspicion of organized crime, a first-degree felony. One day later, officials arrested Ms. Norris on the same charge. If convicted on the organized crime charge, the pair could serve five to 99 years or life in prison and pay a fine not exceeding $10,000.

Most Texans are not swingers. Like the polygamists in West Texas this is a distinct subculture unfamiliar to the majority of Texans. Like the polygamists in West Texas this group is subject to persecution.

Even if you disagree morally with the events at the CP you should oppose this abuse of power.
Why? Ask yourself where the victim is in this case? There isn’t one. The government alleges alcohol violations, code violations, and a laughable prostitution charge.

No one is claiming that anything other than consensual behavior happened at the CP.

Now ask yourself, what kind of conduct should carry a life sentence? Most of us could agree that life sentences should be reserved for those who actually harm others.

In a simpler time the Bill of Rights and Texas Constitution limited the ability of petty tyrants to destroy an individual. Today, with less freedom than ever, the police can turn code violations into a possible 99 year sentence.

Why has the Duncanville city councils decided to destroy the CP and the individuals involved?

First they came for the swingers…
Politicians often attack the politically powerless. In this case the city invented new laws just to shut down the CP. It’s a cheap way for politicians to appear like they are “doing something.”

You Can Beat The Rap, But You Can’t Beat The Ride
Even if these individuals avoid a conviction the cost and stress of litigation is enough to ruin these defendants. It’s not worth it. We need to reexamine the role of government in controlling the private behavior of Texans. Lest we legitimize the destruction of the politically powerless.


2 responses to “Why The Cherry Pit Matters”

  1. Logan Stone says:

    I could not agree more with your take on this case.
    America is suppose to be fighting the Taliban not becoming the Taliban.
    It pains me more than words can say that I see i am the first and only person to post on this article–very sad indeed.

  2. Terri Clary says:

    You are not alone. I am not a swinger; can’t even fathom the attraction but, legislating morality is not a legitimate function of the government.

    Vote LP,
    Terri in Waxahachie

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