Where are the Pro Drug War Blogs?

The Office of National Drug Control Policy has the federal government’s first blog. Like most government propaganda it is predictably awful. Today’s post is that there may be a cocaine shortage and we should feel good about it. Historical data shows that cocaine is cheaper and purer than ever.

Why does the government need a blog to justify such an important policy? If Prohibition is such a great cause where is the blog support from the public?

Most welfare state programs have liberal blogs dedicated to their survival and expansion. Every cause seems to have a blog, why not Prohibition?

Here is the IWTS Prohibition Blog Challenge- I am asking for readers to submit the best pro Drug War blogs. Blogs by government agencies or employees are not preferred. I want actual intellectual Prohibition support from the citizenry.

Batman needs the Joker; so I want to find my blogosphere opposition. I also have a theory that there is not any intellectual support for the drug war, only support from those with a vested interest in Prohibition.


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10 responses to “Where are the Pro Drug War Blogs?”

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    Universal health care is no more a welfare state program than universal police, fire, disaster preparation, or food safety. The objective is to satisfy a universal need more efficiently …

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    Racy,Universal healthcare is part of the welfare state. You are going to take my tax dollars by force of government to give away to Americans without insurance. Income redistribution=Welfare, Government=State. Universal healthcare is the Welfare state.Food Safety and Police. Nice try. Your liberal good intentions are only matched by your lack of basic economic understand. Just because the government provides police and fire does not mean they can run the entire nations health care. Disaster preperation? The government has nothing to do with disaster preperation. I keep myself safe and I have fire insurance.Embrace the labels Racy, you are liberal. You want the government to solve all of the worlds problems. Government medicine is socialism. Universal healthcare is the welfare state. Either you are in denial, or you do not understand the labels you detest.

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    okay, im liberal… I don’t think I ever denied that one.As far as I can see, my understanding of economics is juuuust fine. As I have said before, I do have a degree in the subject —Health care isn’t a commodity to be “market” controlled any more than food safety, police services, fire depts, etc.If it’s tax dollars you pay for the health care plan, at least you get something back in return…an exchange… I don’t think this mixes well with the “income redistribution” scheme you are trying to beat me with – it isn’t a rich to poor poverty fighting welfare check initiative. So you call all government programs welfare programs no matter what they deal with – is that where you are going? Very, very few people want to dismantle government to the extent you do. I think many nations have demonstrated that governments can run health care systems. Wake up.Anyway, I guess I will be it for your arguing needs since there aren’t any pro-drug-war bloggers around…yet at least. Yeah, that’ll be a real challenge.

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    Here is where we disagree. I think the market provides services, goods, and health care better and more efficiently than the government. The market operates without using force it relies on voluntary transactions.Are all government programs welfare state programs? No. I believe in limited government. The government should protect us from force and fraud. Not make life fair and wonderful.

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    Health care is a service, just like selling bread. Similarly, if you have government ration it, you’ll end with no bread, and worse, poor health care. With universal health care there will exist little innovation in the field. Do we love physicals enough to make it extremely difficult to come up with new antibiotics?

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    With all your fears about what will happen with universal health care, there are actually numerous examples of how it is done in other countries. And the predicted results are usually not true. Problem areas can and have been improved upon.It is like I am opening a 1960’s era pamphlet when these “truisms” are recited about what will happen, and they are taken as articles of faith. This “markets do things more efficiently” mantra is fairy dust in the health care arena… that’s what all the data shows.Hey anonymous, you think I didn’t read your economic theories as a college freshman until I was blue in the face? Repeating it over and over doesn’t make it true in every circumstance – selling health care is not like selling bread… jeez.

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    Racy- This was a drug war post but….My problems with Single Payer-Lack of choice- Insurance companies are not my friend. But, I can switch insurance companies and health plans. When the government runs my health plan and bans private insurance I will not have that option. I will have to lobby government or get elected. The free market gives me control that is not affected by the political process.Politics-Health care will become politicized. Diseases will get their own lobbyists to be included in single payer coverage. I hope to only have politically popular diseases that the Government will cover. Do you think Reagan would have funded AIDS treatment?I trust neither political party with my health plan. They will use single payer to bribe their supporters. Waste, pork spending, fraud, should be rampant as special interests line up for goodies from the single payer trough. I believe the government can not set prices effectively for services. I believe we will replace insurance company red tape with government red tape. It seems like a lateral move. Rationing. I know you don’t believe in it, but without prices to limit demand you must have artificial barriers.If you have for profit doctors and health care providers they will all have an incentive to get as much money from the government as possible. That will cause waste in the system.I also believe that profit drives innovation. Taxes- I pay too much. I run a business. The government robs me blind to pay for all sorts of things I don’t want. If you want single payer start off by slashing other parts of the budget. The money is there and I think you could get a lot more Americans on board with that proposal.Single payer just replaces one third party payer with another.Do I want uninsured sick Americans to suffer? Of course not. But why create a system that I must join to cover others? Why not just cover those who can not afford insurance, or are uninsurable?Change the tax code to allow individuals to control their health care decisions. Unlimited HSA’s for all. Remove insurance mandates that drive up prices. Allow interstate insurance competition. Make the tax breaks for insurance personal, not dependent on employers.

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    I like how both sides of the argument allege that total disaster would be the result if the opposition won out. Makes me wonder. What if both sides are missing the point? Government run medicine is expensive, inefficient and stifles creativity, and free market capitalism, which tends to be extremely destructive, does not provide a socially acceptable level of coverage for a large number of citizens. Can’t we find a satisfactory middle ground?On the matter of the drug war, I think the lack of a drug war blogging community is most caused by the absence of younger, techy, idealists (the people who seem to dominate the blogosphere) on the side of the drug war. Maybe if the AARP started a big campaign to get their members into blogging we would see a change. It may also be that the current culture of opposition to the drug war that exists on the internet converts those who came in with a weak support for prohibition. For all the foolishness and gullibility of people around, the overall nature of the web seems to me to be that of a crucible.

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    I’m going to bug out of this one and leave this post to the drug war issue.(but you did use me for rhetorical convenience, and I did take the bait)

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    RacyI think we just need to have a PRO/CON Single Payer debate. It could make for easy blog material and get our differences out of the comments section.I linked your site because I respect the enthusiasm. You really want to help people without health care, so do I. We just disagree on how to do it.

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