What to blog about?

Blogging inspiration can be hard to come by. In the past my goal was to write almost every day. Now I’m down to about 4.5 posts a week. One reason is I do a lot more self editing and censorship.

Long time readers will remember IWasTheState.com, my first blog. That blog included discussions on free market ideas, libertarian politics, objectivism, the national debt etc. It was an informal blogspot (blogger) project. My first post was about my trip to Italy.

Last year I dumped IWTS for DallasCrimianlDefenseLawyerBlog. Even the title indicates that I’m bowing to the Google search engine gods. The quest for SEO relevancy/more hits has led to more self censorship than before (not less grammatical errors however).

I have purposefully limited my blog to criminal defense topics. For example, I don’t blog about political issues that aren’t directly criminal justice related. I spend less time on drug war rants than I used to. I try and avoid material I’ve written about in the past.

Houston criminal defense lawyer Mark Bennett (the leading Texas blawger) feels comfortable calling out lawyers who pose as defense attorneys. I share Mark’s disdain but I lack the courage to post the pictures and names of local attorneys.

Finally, I read many blogs daily and try to avoid topics that have already been covered. I assume that all my readers check Grits, DefendingPeople, and The Agitator every day. I don’t want to retread old issues. However, with new blawgs popping up every day originality has become a precious commodity.

The result; more effort and less blogging. Back in the IWTS days I set a goal of a post a day. Quantity over quality. Now I try for 4 posts a week. I can’t tell which approach is better. However, the latter is much more stressful. Much like the difference between improvisation and memorizing a soliloquy.

I’ll leave it open to my readers. What do you want from this blog? Juicy courthouse gossip? News commentary on criminal justice issues? Haikus?

Should I give up on my quest to satisfy the SEO gods and write about my daily life? Maybe start a twitter feed (I’m waiting in court, I’m waiting in court, I’m waiting in court)?

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