Update- DPS doesn’t know about Secret DWI database

www.sobrietytesting.org is the National Sobriety Testing Resources Center. This website limits access to police/prosecutors and shares DWI testing information. Defense attorney’s aren’t welcome.

Naturally, I filed an open records request with the Department of Public Safety to see what documentation, emails, or letters they had from this group.

Today I found out- None.

I find it hard to believe that a National Sobriety Testing Resource Center has not a single member from DPS. However, that’s what DPS is telling me.


One response to “Update- DPS doesn’t know about Secret DWI database”

  1. jmc says:

    Seems like what you need to do is find someone “on the inside” who’s sympathetic to your cause. With a board this large, surely someone would be willing to share an account with you.

    Then just start looking for a post along the lines of “I work for the Texas DPS…”

    What’s the penalty for not complying properly with a Open Records Request? I too find it hard to believe no one from TDPS belongs to the site.

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