Tuesday Quick Hits- Spam on my blog, Crocs in the courtroom!

SEO Spammers vs. Legit Blawgers- Round 1
The seo spam comment machines have targeted my blog. I’ve had at least one spam comment per day for the last week. At first, I was naive enough to think that my out of state lawyer audience had vastly increased. After all, I was getting comments from Maryland and California attorneys. A little investigation (and the fact that most attorneys don’t write like 3rd graders) led to my conclusion this is all SEO spam.

If misleading advertising is wrong, why are lawyers signing up with companies that have a business model (SEO) built on deception and manipulation? I believe the heart of the problem is that most attorneys don’t understand the internet, or how SEO companies operate. Most attorneys just want to pay more to get more clients- just like the phone book model. The great thing about blogging is that content is rewarded. Even a low budget blogger site can generate thousands of readers. For example, the best criminal justice blog, Grits For Breakfast, is a free blogger product. Grit’s author Scott Henson didn’t hire a team of pro spammers to get readers, he wrote great copy,
Hopefully, the SEO market will mature and adapt to the point that irrelevant websites built on spam links find their way into google irrelevance. Until then, I’ll keep deleting this garbage.

On Attorney Fashion-

Fort Worth Criminal Defense Lawyer/Fashion Guru recently posted on proper courtroom fashion.
Shawn’s Project Runway judge analysis inspired me to share this recent experience.

It was a one word attorney fashion disaster- Crocs.

A lawyer, in court, in a suit, with black crocs as shoes. Not crocodile skin boots, but real “let’s go pull weeds” crocs. This is the downfall of our profession. What’s next? Uggs in the wintertime? Birkenstocks in the summer?

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2 responses to “Tuesday Quick Hits- Spam on my blog, Crocs in the courtroom!”

  1. Matlock says:

    Crocs?!? Dear lord. Give me boots or even tassled loafers before that. Hell, I’d accept Converse All-Stars before that. If I was the judge I would throw that attorney in jail.

  2. Mark Bennett says:

    Was some of the SEO spam from “DUI hotline network” websites?

    And I think you must have meant to say Simple Justice, the best criminal justice blog.

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