Thoughts on a Forney Grow House

Both Forney online media outlets are reporting that a grow house was discovered in the Windmill Farms subdivision. It appears the house was abandoned and no arrests were made. Thank goodness. The last thing we need to waste our local tax dollars on is another pot case.

You know what will end residential grow houses? Legalization.

I know people who have tried to brew their own beer and most quit after a batch or two. It’s a messy and smelly process. It’s not easy to make something that even compares to Beast lite, much less Chimay. I’ve never seen someone convert an entire residence to making bathtub bock. And why would they? They can march down to Wal Mart and buy a better product at a low price and save themselves the trouble. For some reason we can’t apply this rational reality based approach to weed. It’s a strange situation given how dangerous booze is relative to pot. You could smoke every ounce of bud in this grow house and it wouldn’t kill you.

While other states lead the way in reforming their cananbis laws and allowing legal suppliers for medical and recreational markets, Texas stubbornly clings to our pathetic history of prohibitionary policing. I don’t expect that to change until we get a less authoritarian legislature. I’m going to advise all my future marijuana defendant-clients to move to Colorado or Washington.

I can understand why Windmill Farms residents may not want a grow house in their sub division. But that’s not reason to celebrate this bust. Until Texans choose a new supplier (other than the black market) for the weed Texans demand, it’s just a matter of time before another grow house is discovered. I look forward to the day when plants growing isn’t news. I may have to wait a while.

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