Guest and Gray, PC your local legal team

It’s probably past time to announce that I partnered up. Guest Law Firm PC was laid to rest over 18 months ago, but I’ve been too busy to really blog about it until now. I would like to take this opportunity to let all solo practitioners know that having a good law partner makes this job much more enjoyable. Being a solo attorney means having to solve every legal problem, make every client happy, have every great marketing/business idea, follow up on every payment, court date, correspondence etc. It’s a 24/7 job that obliterates any separation of your personal and professional life. If you can give up controlling every little decision and learn to trust your colleagues you can have a much happier and more fulfilling professional existence.

When you have a team of attorneys working together you get some wonderful benefits including specialization of labor (I’m the IT/advertising department at Guest and Gray, in addition to my criminal defense duties), economies of scale (for some reason legal research pricing screws solos), and a built in team of law therapists to share you frustrations with. This is a stressful job and it’s great to have peers you trust to brainstorm with, vent, or just discuss the latest legal happenings.

Since our inception of 5/2/10 we’ve added two new attorneys and are looking to open a new office next year. The current make up of Guest and Gray PC is
Scott Gray- Chief of the Civil Division.
Me- Chief of the Criminal Division.
Tracy Gray- Criminal Defense Badass.
Courtney Wortham- Family Law Prodigy
Brett Talley- Civil Padawan
What do we handle? Everything but immigration, taxes, patents, and maritime law. Consults are still free for the time being. So call today.

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