This Week In Federal Marijuana Prohibition

For those new to the blog I am a member of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Law’s (NORML) legal comittee. I used to prosecute pot cases, now I defend them. My goal is for a future in which lawyers will do neither.

That being said, here is This Week In Federal Marijuana Prohibition

Marijuana Is Grown By Illegal Immigrants!!!
CNN reports that Mexican Drug Cartels are using illegal immigrants to grow pot in national forests. Lou Dobb’s network manages to hit all the xeno panic without asking the simple question- Wouldn’t legalization end this practice?

Last time I checked Mexican drug cartels were not using illegal immigrants to grow tobacco, or run moonshine stills. If you are really want to end these drug cartel pot farms in national parks, legalize pot.

Deadly Addictive Substance
Here is a video of prohibition’s Colonel Klink, John Walters. John makes a few statements while chopping down pot plants. Among them is that
1. Hollywood must quit glamorizing pot, this is their fault
2.This isn’t “Cheech and Chong” marijuana.
3. Marijuana is a deadly addictive substance
Let’s break down these three statements.
1. Hollywood is a typical scapegoat for lost conservative causes. Why should prohibition be any different?
2 shows the need for legalization. When marijuana is legal, I’m sure Cheech and Chong brand pot will be trademarked and consumers will know for sure if certain plants are CNC brand. Mr. Walters is right, we need better labeling of marijuana products (thc level etc) so consumers can make informed decisions.
3 is 100% false, no one can overdose on marijuana and addiction potential is extremely low. However, Mr. Walters salary, power, and benefits are built on that lie so he isn’t really in a position to question it.

Notice all those federal para millitary forces chopping down pot plants (are the masks really necessary?) Is that the best use of your tax dollars? You employ 200 full time federal agents who do nothing but chop down pot plants all year. Do you like watching John Walters use your tax dollars on a federal para military gardening operation?

The Charlie Lynch Mushroom Jury
Here is why we need to fire the John Walters of the world. These petty tyrants joyfully incarcerate decent hard working Americans for marijuana crimes. Charlie Lynch is only the most recent victim of federal medical marijuana prosecutions.

Mr. Lynch was found guilty of violating federal marijuana laws despite the fact he operated a state licensed and legal in California marijuana dispensary, and despite the fact he sought DEA advise and approval for his operation.

Mr. Lynch opted for a jury trial. Unfortunately this was a typical mushroom jury (kept in the dark and fed shit). The jurors were not allowed to hear important defense evidence. And of course, all jury nullification arguments and evidence were prohibited.

For a sobering, if not scary insight into how the federal criminal justice system, watch this great video by

New Fiction Novel By Federal Government
Finally, the federal government released their annual marijuana “factbook”. There are many websites devoted to debunking this information. I was happy to list them for USNews readers.

If you were to believe this “factbook” marijuana is a deadly addictive substance, and the only way to control this threat is by banning pot, and arresting users.

Unfortunately, many Americans believe this fear based propaganda. Then again, many Americans will sign up to ban water if you describe it the same way our federal goverment describes pot.

Ban Water? Really, watch this video by Penn and Teller, then you will understand why histrionics and fear mongering is a favorite among the Prohibition crowd.

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3 responses to “This Week In Federal Marijuana Prohibition”

  1. Cody says:

    To be fair, dihydrogen oxide is a very destructive substance which can lead to death upon inhalation. I find it offensive that you make light of such a serious problem which claims the lives of thousands a year who don’t know how to swim!

  2. Anonymous says:

    thank you

  3. Anonymous says:

    Penn and Teller are right! The herd mentality it works and people are sucked in all the time. Marijuana does not deserve the rap it got I enjoy a smoke now and then its great a buzz for a few hours then I feel normal like I did nothing. The IMMEDIATE After affects from marijuana is minimal. I know of no other drug alcohol cocaine methamphetamine heroin etc that can make that claim!

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