Texas Juror Experience Project

Have you have been on a Texas criminal jury? I would like to hear from you. Please answer the following questions. Email the results to Robert(AT)RobertGuest(DOT)com. I will post your answers on IWTS.

1. What was the offense?
2. What was the verdict?
3. When was the trial and how long was it?
4. What evidence persuaded the jury?
5. Was the police officer a good witness?
6. What was the defense lawyers best arguments?
7. What was the defense lawyers worst arguments?
8 If you could tell defense lawyers anything to help them be more effective, what would it be?

I will post any responses I get. I won’t publish any names . Jurors, defendants, officers, lawyers or judges will remain anonymous.


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    I don’t know if this counts, cuz I never made it to the jury. I was called in for a public lewdness case. Apparently DPD was sending officers into strip clubs to film dancers being groped by patrons. Irony, is that the DANCER was arrested for being groped. I was confused. I asked the ADA that if I slapped my wife’s butt in the supermarket, could she be arrested for public lewdness? He answer Yes. I said Ridiculous. I was excused.

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