Texas Bar Blogs

The Texas State Bar has a list of attorney blogs.

IWTS has been named “New and Noteworthy.”

I agree with new. Hopefully, I can become noteworthy.

These blogs are a great insight into the practice of law in the Lone Star State.

A great resource for lawyers and non lawyers alike.

I especially like Defending People by Mark Bennett.

Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer Jamie Spencer also has a list of the Top 11 Criminal Law Blogs.


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    Thanks for the mention. Coincidentally, this morning in court I wrote a bit about ending the war on drugs, inspired in part by your Put Me Out of Business post.

  2. <img src="http://www.blogge says:

    I’m glad to have inspired your writing. Your blog is brilliant. I especially enjoy the insight into juries and trial strategy.It’s like free CLE.Keep up the great work.

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