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For some of us, when we hear of a person making terroristic threats we think of a person causing trouble for political or religious reasons. But, according to the Texas Penal Code, just the mere threat of violence to a person or a person’s property is enough and the purpose behind the threat is not considered.

You can be charged with a terroristic threat charge if you threaten violence to a person or their property and (1) cause any type of reaction from an officer, volunteer, or any other agency that deals with emergencies; (2) put ANY person in fear of immediate injury to their self (3) prevent the use or interrupt the use of a building, public place, employment, aircraft, automobile, or other public place (4) cause interruption with any public communication, transportation, public water, gas, or power supply or any other public service (5) put the public or a number of people in fear of bodily harm or (6) influence the conduct or activities of a branch or agency of the federal government, the state, or a political subdivision of the state.

Nowhere in the code is it defined that these threats must be made with any sort of political or religious views as the basis of the threat. So basically under section (2) of 22.07 the State could snag anyone with this charge if that person threatens serious, immediate violence to a person who believes that an injury is immediate. Which is similar to Penal Code 22.01 Assault, where a person threatens another with immediate injury to their body.

I’ll say this. Kay Bailey Hutchinson will answer your email. Give her enough time, and you’ll get something back. I admire that, even if I don’t always agree with her answer. It’s been a while since I heard from Jim Pitts or Joe Barton. I’m probably in their SPAM folder somewhere.

Recently (as in a few weeks ago) I asked KBH to consider gutting the ONDCP as a possible debt reduction solution. Could a $14 trillion dollar federal debt be enough to make KBH question cutting the few million the feds spend on WOD propaganda?

The GOP is ground zero for the collision of social and fiscal conservatism. On one hand, the budget is in a debt death spiral, on the other, we have to think of THE CHILDREN who would, but for the genius of “this is your brain on drugs” ads, become instant crack addicts!

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